"What most people don’t realise is that anxiety and depression are symptoms. They are symptoms of the ROOT of the problem. 

Many therapy methods deal with the symptoms only and that’s like putting a plaster on a broken leg hoping that it will fix it.


It doesn’t. It just masks the symptoms. 

I will help you to Uncover and Transform the ROOT Cause Of Your Anxiety and Depression 

This means you can improve your confidene, self-esteem and wellbeing.


or I will give you one free session"

Laura Lohk




I help small and medium sized corporate businesses to increase their staff wellbeing by providing tools, techniques and resources that reduce work-related stress and anxiety. So, they can increase their revenue, limit staff turnover, increase productivity and improve their company's culture.

Individual  clients

I help people, who struggle with stress, anxiety and depression to reframe their past and rewire their present by uncovering and transforming their unconscious blocks. So, that they can feel confident, free and achieve their personal and career goals. 

Picture this...

"...You Wake Up Feeling Happier, Free and In Control Of Your Life And Relationships..."


The thing is that challenges will always happen. That's life. But just imagine if you are more equipped and ready to deal with them becuase these challenges no longer make your life 'wobble' or worse. No more overhwelm and feelings of hopelessness. How amazing would that be?

I use cutting edge and truly evidence based Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Coaching skills to uncover and transform the ROOT cause of your stress, anxiety and Depression


What's cutting edge about it?

I'm working around my client's model of the world and base my sessions around their uniqueness

My clients don't have to talk about their past over and over again

I'm giving my clients tools, techniques and resources so they can thrive even after our work together has ended

I don't use ready-made scripts but instead, I tailor my sessions and scripts to my client's needs

I'm using truly evidence-based techniques


The Planner

 Fillable PDF

Who is Laura ?

I am qualified Lawyer who left her corporate career to retrain as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner and Coach.


Now I help Individual and Business clients who want to let go of a particular problem or take their business to the next level, by identifying and transforming any conscious and unconscious blocks and limiting beliefs at the root so that they can achieve the success they deserve in their life and business.

I offer bespoke service to my clients depending on their individual or business needs combining all my knowledge and skills from my corporate career, experience in working with NHS and private clients.


I offer FREE clarity calls to my clients so we can begin to identify the potential blocks and problems that have been holding you back from living a happy and fulfilled life or stopping you to show up in your business the way you really want to.


You will leave from the call with renewed clarity and understanding to go forward with your life or with a plan how we can work together towards transforming your life and business. 



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What my individual clients say?

'Laura tailored the sessions around my needs and focused on what I wanted to achieve.'


I can’t thank Laura enough for the changes the hypnotherapy sessions have helped me to achieve.


Laura tailored the sessions around my needs and focused on what I wanted to achieve. Laura has also sent me some recordings to listen ahead of stressful situations or to build my confidence which I frequently listen to.


I am now able to deal with stress, anxiety, increase my confidence and build better relationships. I have really come to realise that your mind is amazing and anything really is possible with the right training and coaching.

Jenny, Solicitor

What my business clients say?


Since most of the therapy happens between the sessions, I have gathered some great resources that could help you not only during, but also before and after, our journey together. 


I would like to invite you to take a look at the Resources page where you can download your free 'Let go of negative attachment' guided relaxation hypnosis MP3, subscribe to free magazine 'Perception', browse a selection of helpful books and purchase 'UNLOHK YOUR POTENTIAL - The Planner' (both digital and paperback versions are available).


Laura Lohk Dip CHyp, NLP MPrac

Transformational Therapy, Mindset Coaching (Face to Face and Online)

Face to Face appointments can be booked at 

Natural Body Cafe

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Mobile: 07795 516 878

E-mail: contact@lauralohk.com


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