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Team Coaching 

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why work with me?

In 2014 four women were preparing to achieve one of the most challenging feats for 'mankind', to row across the Pacific Ocean, rowing 2 hours on and 2 hours off, 24 hours, 7 days a week. 

They journey took 9 months and they achieved 2 world records. 

I use the very methodology that helped them to achieve this inspiring challenge to help you to grow your business 

BEnefits to you

I use state of the art systems specifically designed to get you results, develop legacy, values and performance


Working with me enables you to 


  • Get Clarity over your brand, marketing, business strategy, and your overall business growth

  • Transform your mindset and your mental performance. 


  • Map and track your performance and create individual accountability.

  • Focus on what matters and eliminate distractions.

The proven methodology I use helps you to see transformational and measurable results from coaching and demonstrates ROI

By working with me, you are also able to get up to 25 hours of CPD points for your continuous development. 

I use an award winning methodology to ensure full transparency of your coaching


Laura Lohk 

Business Growth Mentor & Coach

Based in Poole, United Kingdom

Working with clients around the world via Zoom

United States, Canada, United Kingdom


Mobile: 44 (0) 7795 516 878



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Qualified Lawyer

SRA ID: 632077

Quest Institute trained:

Associate Coach at NLR

Business Growth Mentor Training



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