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I help the owners of small and medium sized businesses quickly grow their leads, sales and profits as a BUSINESS GROWTH MENTOR and COACH using the proven business building system known as THE FORMULA and an award winning coaching methodology THE CURVE.


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My Values & guarantees

#1 To deliver world-class and results-driven business growth mentoring and coaching to all my clients

#2 To significantly impact and transform the life and business of my clients who are looking to grow, increase profits and build value 

#3 Clients first. Always. Because my clients success is my success

#4 To work hard at helping my clients to reach their full potential, personally and professionally

#5 The highest standards and professionalism always. 

Why work with me

I use state of the art systems specifically designed to get you results, develop legacy, values and goals. 

Working with me enables you to map and track your performance and create individual accountability.

The proven methodology I use helps you to see transformational and measurable results from coaching.

The methodology I use demonstrates ROI

By working with me, you are also able to get up to 25 hours of CPD points for your continuous development. 

I use award winning technology to ensure full transparency of your coaching


Laura Lohk 

Business Growth Mentor & Coach

Based in Poole, United Kingdom

Working with clients around the world via Zoom

United States, Canada, United Kingdom


Mobile: 44 (0) 7795 516 878



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Qualified Lawyer

SRA ID: 632077

Quest Institute trained:

Associate Coach at NLR

Business Growth Mentor Training



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