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I help the owners of small and medium sized businesses quickly grow their leads, sales and profits as a BUSINESS GROWTH MENTOR using the proven business building system known as THE FORMULA and an award winning coaching software THE CURVE.



I help ambitious and driven entrepreneurs quickly grow themselves and their business as a COACH using the proven business building system known as THE FORMULA and cutting edge and evidence based NLP and an award winning coaching software THE CURVE.


how to change your life and business for FREE...

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"Transform The Results Of Your Marketing In JUST 5 Days...

... and generate more sales WITHOUT spending an extra penny"

...Imagine being able to massively increase your sales in just 5 short days and WITHOUT spending a penny more than you do already on your marketing and advertising!


...And WITHOUT you having to leave your home, office or workplace...

I promise you that if you apply what you’ll discover during the Challenge, you WILL achieve transformational results... in most cases even DURING the 5-day Challenge!


That’s because the SELL MORE STUFF CHALLENGE shows you how to expertly apply the tactics that actually make Marketing work. We call them the 'Core Elements' and there are 9 of them...

What You Get When You Enrol In The SELL MORE STUFF IN 5 DAYS CHALLENGE...

#1: Learn to apply The '9 Core Elements' Which Will Transform Your Results... Starting NOW!

#2: Access To Our 'Jewel In The Crown' - The Core Asset Vault, which includes over 75 proven tactics and strategies to grow any small to medium sized business.

#3: The SELL MORE STUFF CHALLENGE Workbook which includes fill-in-the-blank templates and checklists

#4: The Core Elements Video Tutorials

#5: 'Over The Shoulder' Videos. You'll see what 'good' looks like, what 'average' looks like and what 'poor' looks like.

#6: Step-By-Step Playbooks. The Playbook guides you, step-by-step, showing you how to implement the Core Element. 

#7: Sales Accelerator ROADMAP. Developed over a 10-year period, it uses analysis from thousands of businesses and produces insightful results tailored to your specific feedback based on your own sales and marketing. 

#8: SELL MORE STUFF Challenge Facebook Group, to give you more support. 



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"Instantly And With Zero Cost... Improve Your Results From 25% - 550% (Often More)"

The Scientific Marketing Makeover is normally priced at £297. For a limited time this leading-edge service is FREE 

The improvements we suggest to  maximise your results can ALL be made with ZERO extra cost

You'll be able to implement the improvements quickly and easily, bringing you results fast

How We Get Improvements For You


CORE ELEMENTS: After decades of testing and literally tens of thousands of tests we've discovered that there are 9 key tactics that make marketing work.

IDENTIFY: To improve the performance of any of your sales and marketing strategies, we first identify which Core Elements are present (and which ones aren't)


STRENGTH: We then analyse each Core Element in turn and evaluate its strength in terms of likely performance


SUCCESS FORMULA: Each Core Element has its own 'Success Formula'. In other words, each Core Element it is made up of 2 or more critical parts. Here's an example...

(D + S + C) = IO

ANALYSE: Using the Success Formula, we then score each Core Element in terms of its effectiveness.

SCORE: Because we've broken down the key components of Marketing into a science, we can score your marketing piece based on the Core Elements. 

RECOMMENDATIONS: We then deliver our recommendations, which as long as you apply them, will transform the results of your marketing strategy. 

​SUCCESS FORMULA: Each Core Element has its own 'Success Formula'. In other words, for each Core Element it is made up of 2 or more critical parts

EXPECTED RESULTS: It is not unusual to get a minimum of a 25% improvement, but often improvements can be in the hundreds of percent, because few companies include the 9 Core Elements and those that are included are usually very poor in terms of application.


​​​WHAT WOULD THIS MEAN TO YOU? Even a small improvement in results could translate into a significant increase in leads and/or sales for you. Simply click on the button to get started. 



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"Uncover And Learn How You Can Transform  Your Unconscious Blocks For Good"

90% of your day is run by your unconscious mind, so 90% of our beliefs, thoughts, actions are determined by our unconscious. 

In fact, your unconscious comes 'online' and decides your life half a second before your conscious mind even knows what the heck is going on. 

And your unconscious runs your life based on your past experiences which often cause 'glitches' in our lives and businesses. Glitches such as anxiety, fears, doubts and limiting beliefs.  

Imagine if you could uncover these unconscious 'glitches' and update your 'software' so that you can take charge of your life, your feelings, your thoughts and beliefs...

Imagine how you'd feel if you can transform any limiting belief and blocks about yourself which can change your life and skyrocket your business...

Cutting edge and evidence based method...

I am using cutting edge QCH and NLP to give you the tools you need to change your life and your business 

Discover: I will help you to discover and understand the blocks and self-limiting beliefs that have hold you and your business back

Update Your Software: I will share with you how you can update your unconscious 'software' so that you can become free of your limiting beliefs and blocks. This will increase your self-esteem, build growth mindset

Create: I will give you ready made goal planner which helps you to create a Roadmap towards your dreams. 


You will receive mindset meditation helping you to relax, recharge your body and mind

You will also get an access to FREE 'Sell More Stuff Challenge' so that you can Transform the results of your marketing in just 5 days



What my clients say?

My Values & guarantees to you

#1 To deliver world-class, results-driven and affordable business growth mentoring to all my clients

#2 To significantly impact and transform the life and business fo my clients looking to grow, increase profits and build value 

#3 Clients first. Always. Because my clients success is my success

#4 To work hard at helping my clients to reach their full potential, personally and professionally

#5 The highest standards and professionalism always. 

What else...

Take a look at everything I offer to my clients so that they can maximise their business growth in my Resource page. 

Click on the button below to learn more. 


Laura Lohk 

Business Growth Mentor & Coach

Based in Poole, United Kingdom

Working with clients around the world via Zoom

United States, Canada, United Kingdom


Mobile: 44 (0) 7795 516 878



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