It's all about YOU.


If you have been suffering with anxiety, depression, trauma or PTSD. Perhaps you are struggling to lose weight and it affects your confidence, whatever the problem is you are in the right place. To learn more about how I can help you, click here for my therapy sessions or here for coaching. 


I can help you overcome these challenges. REFRAME blocks that have held you back and TRANSFORM your life. I have inspired change in hundreds of people with my methods and it really is possible. 

I tailor your therapy sessions uniquely to YOU, depending on YOUR needs, and we'll move forward at YOUR pace. It's all about YOU. I'll make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed and enjoy our time together because your life is meant to feel good!

Therapy can be enjoyable!


I'm a Cognitive Hypnotherapist but also as your personal coach. Together we can make your therapy enjoyable and fun! For example, there’s no need to be indoors - therapy can take place outdoors, in the nature. How does that sound?

My sessions are interactive and educational. I will also teach you some easy yet effective techniques to help you on the go. I really do share with you all the resources, knowledge and skills I have so your life can transform in unimaginable ways. 

I offer free initial consultation and unlimited email support between the sessions. The length of your sessions depend on your needs. Please see the Sessions page for more information.

If what you read is resonating with you, please get in touch with me and have a FREE no-obligation clarity call to see how I can help you. 



Laura Lohk Dip CHyp, NLP MPrac

Transformational Therapy, Mindset Coaching (Face to Face and Online)

Face to Face appointments can be booked at 

Natural Body Cafe

82 High Street

Poole, BH15 1DB


Mobile: 07795 516 878

E-mail: contact@lauralohk.com


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