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I help Coaches, Entrepreneurs and Leaders in Business who feel that something is holding them or their business back from reaching their goals and dreams by helping them to identify and transform any conscious and unconscious blocks, limiting beliefs at the root  by using cutting edge therapeutic knowledge, mentoring and coaching. I offer  personalised coaching packages depending on my clients individual or business needs. 



I am passionate about improving wellbeing in businesses and amongst business owners. At a time where 74% of adults struggle with stress in work and businesses are losing millions of pounds due to illnesses caused by stress, prioritising wellbeing in ones lives and business is no more luxury than having a good business strategies. Our business doesn't start with our website or office space. It starts with us, our wellbeing and mindset. I offer workshops around wellbeing, mindset, managing stress, increasing motivation and productivity. 

Public Speaking

Another of my passions has always been public speaking and educating or inspiring people through my talks. Together with my passion for wellbeing, which I speak and educate about,  I also love inspiring new entrepreneurs and businesses through my #YesYouCan campaign. Empowering and inspiring people to realise that by working on themselves and their mindset, taking action and working hard, anything is possible in their life and in their business. 


I can work with business on a consultancy basis to help your business to grow and succeed by increasing staff wellbeing, motivation and productivity through my commercial knowledge, management, therapeutic and coaching skills. Every business is different and I work closely with my clients to identify their needs and areas they would like to improve to reach their business goals. This is a bespoke service and I can be hired either short or longer term basis depending on business needs. 


Laura Lohk Dip CHyp, NLP MPrac

Transformational Therapy, Mindset Coaching and Public Speaking


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