Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy is SCIENCE AND EVIDENCE based therapy and coaching and pulls together effective discoveries from Science, Evolutionary Psychology, Positive Psychology, Cognitive Theory and NLP, combining them into a modern approach to therapy.


 Because of this, it doesn’t promote one single method of helping people but uses various effective techniques from different disciplines to provide you with truly individual therapy and coaching. 


When I first opened my business, I used QCH solely for therapy purposes but having worked with many entrepreneurs, I incorporated the relevant aspects of QCH into my mentoring business so that I can help my clients to grow from the inside out.  

The role of the unconscious.

Most of our behaviour is driven by our unconscious whose job is keeping us safe. It processes millions of bits of information received from our senses and filters them with a purpose to determine what could cause us pleasure or pain.


It is our unconscious that, without realising, moves us towards things which it considers to be good for us and avoids things that it believes could bring us harm. And, it does all this based on your past experience. Whilst this was useful in Stone Age existence where harm was obvious, our nervous system, is not yet adapted to these modern ‘harm’ which could leave us feeling stuck.

All behaviour has a positive intention.

Whenever your unconscious considers something as a threat, your fight, flight or freeze response is triggered. A threat can be either something physical - fear of public speaking - or a social threat, like a fear of not being good enough compared to others. The role of the unconscious is to protect you, and when we’re young it can make mistakes in the way it tries to help us, which becomes a pattern for how we continue to behave in the present.


The great news is that, like software, your brain can be updated so it no longer responds to out of date information. I can help you free yourself from these old behaviours and limiting beliefs which hold you back in your business and in your life. 

Keeping yourself out of unhelpful trances.

We spend most of our days in some kind of trance, especially when we’re experiencing the problem you want help with, such as procrastination. So we often feel like our problem is out of our control. I will teach you the right tools so you can ‘de-hypnotise’ yourself out of unhelpful trance states so you can have control over your life and your business again. 


You have all the resources you need.

My approach is interactive where I act as a guide because you have everything you need to find your own solutions with skilled assistance. I will not tell you what’s best for you or control your actions. Instead, I will help you to help yourself in the most effective and suitable way for you. 

You will receive tools and resources that benefit your personal and business growth for life. 


All this enables you to have the freedom to do and achieve what you want in life.


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