Meet Laura

Hi, I'm Laura, Business Growth Mentor & Coach 

I'm from a small country called Estonia, and I didn't have the most easy childhood. Most of it, I lived in poverty, I have been homeless and because of it, I struggled academically and with my mental health. 

Despite all of this, I found a way to come to the UK when I was 19, with only £42 in my pocket. 

I was adamant that I wanted to build myself a better life I had when I was a child, so despite of the fact I was labelled as a stupid kid in school, I decided to study law. 


I started my career as a lawyer and worked my way up from Legal Assistant to department head and manager. At the same time, studying law in university


I wanted to become a lawyer because I had the genuine desire to help people who had suffered owing to someone else’s wrongdoing. However, my day to day experience of life in a corporate world was different to what I had expected, and whilst I enjoyed my job, handling legal cases and managing, training and mentoring my team, I realised that I also wanted to do have my own business. 


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As I've always been interested in self-development, I retrained at the Quest Institute in London, under the founder of QCH, Trevor Silvester. I have also completed NLP Master Practitioner course at Quest Institute and my self-development has continued ever since. 


In early 2018, I launched my business helping my clients to transform their personal lives. I worked with private and NHS clients, helping people with their mental wellbeing, mental performance as managers, directors and entrepreneurs, increasing their confidence and self-esteem. 

Because, throughout my life and career I have been passionate about making a difference, mentoring, educating and inspiring people, I continued to develop my skills so I could help more clients. 

This meant that I added another layer to my business, by way of Business Growth Mentoring and Business Coaching to help businesses and entrepreneurs. 


I now only work with business owners to transform their personal lives and business. 

Find out how you can change your life and business below

Laura Lohk




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