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Hi, I'm Laura, Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Mindset Coach and Public Speaker

Having been born and raised in a small country, Estonia, to a very poor family, I grew up without a father and my mother was hardly ever around. I have been bullied, slept in a charity shop on top of pile of clothes as I had nowhere else to live or sleep, at times I have been without food and I have suffered with depression so challenges, stress and traumatic events are not new to me.

Despite my challenges, I have always enjoyed performing, being a leader and helping people. As a teenager I was one of the volunteers in Estonian Union for Child Welfare which enabled me to represent Estonia and East-Europe in UN Study about violence against children, I hosted workshops and took part in several public speaking events, in and outside of school. 

I then found a way to move to the UK alone at the age of 19 and found a way to study law and become solicitor. 

I started my career in law because I had the genuine desire to help people who had suffered owing to someone else’s wrongdoing. However, my day to day experience of life in a corporate world was different to what I had expected, and whilst I enjoyed my job, handling legal cases and managing a team, I realised that I wanted to do something different. 

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From left: Rebecca Silvester, Laura Lohk and Trevor Silvester

Throughout my life and career I have been passionate about making a difference, mentoring, educating and inspiring people. 

I use cutting edge therapeutic and coaching methods to help my clients achieve their desired results. 


I trained at the Quest Institute in London, under the founder of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Trevor Silvester. I have also completed NLP Master Practitioner course at Quest Institute and my self-development has continued ever since. 

My business therefore developed into two parts: 

Individual Private clients who I help with various mental health and wellbeing problems. I am working with them to identify and transform their unconscious blocs and limiting beliefs at the root so they can live more healthy and fulfilled lives by providing personalised sessions to fit their personality and individual needs. Learn more by clicking here.


Business and Corporate Clients. I help coaches, entrepreneurs and leaders in business to identify and transform their blocks and limiting beliefs which hold them back in reaching their dreams and business goals by providing personalised coaching packages to fit their individual and business needs. I also offer workshops and can be hired on a consultancy basis or for speaking engagements. Learn more by clicking here

Laura Lohk


Laura Lohk Dip CHyp, NLP MPrac

Transformational Therapy, Mindset Coaching (Face to Face and Online)

Face to Face appointments can be booked at 

Natural Body Cafe

82 High Street

Poole, BH15 1DB


Mobile: 07795 516 878



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