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Hi, I'm Laura, Business Growth Mentor & Coach 

I help the owners of small and medium sized businesses quickly grow themselves, their leads, sales and profits as a BUSINESS GROWTH MENTOR using the proven business building system known as ‘The FORMULA’ and and award winning business coaching software called 'THE CURVE'. 

I started my career as a lawyer and worked my way up from Legal Assistant to department head and manager. 


I wanted to become a lawyer because I had the genuine desire to help people who had suffered owing to someone else’s wrongdoing. However, my day to day experience of life in a corporate world was different to what I had expected, and whilst I enjoyed my job, handling legal cases and managing, training and mentoring my team, I realised that I also wanted to do have my own business. 

I retrained at the Quest Institute in London, under the founder of QCH, Trevor Silvester. I have also completed NLP Master Practitioner course at Quest Institute and my self-development has continued ever since. 

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In early 2018, I launched my practice helping my clients to transform their personal lives. I worked with private and NHS patience, helping people with their mental wellbeing, mental performance as managers, directors and entrepreneurs, increasing their confidence and self-esteem. 

Because, throughout my life and career I have been passionate about making a difference, mentoring, educating and inspiring people, I continued to develop my skills so I could help more clients. 

This meant that I added another layer to my business, by way of Business Growth Mentoring and Business Coaching to help businesses and entrepreneurs. 


I now only work with SMEs and Entrepreneurs to transform their personal lives, improve their employees wellbeing and grow their businesses. 

Find out how you can change your life and business below



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