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Stress is a normal part of human life. It affects everyone and causes an excess problem to our health. Stress is the way we react to excessive pressures placed on us. Having some pressure at work is good. It motivates us to excel and work with a sense of urgency and purpose, impacting our person, health, and family life.

Our job or workplace can put a huge burden on us. When we work, we are challenged emotionally, mentally, and physically. Most of the time, we get burned out with the challenges. We can't avoid work; our lives depend on it. Through our work, we get our bread and butter, so avoiding it means preparing for poverty. But when work gets in the way of our personal life, we have to take action by looking for ways to manage it. How then do we manage stress at the workplace? below tips will be of help.

  • Stress at work can come from either internal or external sources. Survey shows that about 40% of workers complain of how stressful their job is while 26% are burned out. The external source of stress includes noisy co-workers, demanding employers, and bad-tempered customers. Dealing with these stressors is not easy. We cannot ignore them; the only thing we can do for ourselves is to take things easy to be satisfied with our jobs.

  • Internal stress is not a workplace problem but feelings that come from the working environment. Examples of these are dissatisfaction and irritation with colleagues. Irritations with colleagues cause lots of stress because of constant contact with them. To overcome this, try to understand them better. Even when your effort is not properly rewarded or recognised, look for other reasons that will make you understand why it is so, change your outlook and always remember things that give you joy in your workplace.

  • You also need to identify other issues that give you stress or make the workplace stressful for you. Once you identify those things that increase your stress level at work, look for alternatives to those things.

  • Another way to avoid stress or pressure at work is time management. In other to reduce this pressure, try to isolate those events that take most of your time and also avoid unplanned and unwanted meetings.

  • Teaching yourself how to say NO to certain request is another way to reduce stress. You must not accept every request that comes your way. Also, ensure you spend quality time with your family. These also help to reduce tension at work.

Stress harms our health. We need sound health to function in our workplace. Just as we know, health is wealth, so we have to consider our health by not overstressing ourselves. These tips above will help us manage stress at the workplace and help us enjoy our working environment as we carry out our daily activities.

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