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My Journey with depression

Photo by Tom Westhead

Today I decided to be honest and talk about my struggles with depression. For a long time, I have been wondering whether to talk about it, mainly because of my own little ‘lodger’ that lives in my head and pipes up whenever she has an opinion, like ‘You are a therapist now, do you really want to tell people about the problems you have had?’ So, I haven’t said anything and merely gone to work helping clients to overcome their challenges with Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

But part of me has always had a feeling that I should be more open about why I ended up retraining as a therapist and by doing so, maybe I’d be able to help even more people to regain their hope about their future and be inspired to make the change the way I did.

I have come across many misconceptions about therapists and one of them is that they are these perfect people who have been able, because of their training and experience, to sort all their problems and are now able to go through life smoothly without any issue affecting them.

Wrong! We are all fellow strugglers. We are all on a journey and sometimes we fall, sometimes we might even find ourselves inside a rather deep and dark hole. Either way, we have to find ways to get out again. And we can, we just don’t always know that we can. That’s life: struggles, triumphs and everything in-between.

Prior to my Hypnotherapy training, I didn’t know how to deal with these challenges, so I ended up spending my time in that deep, dark hole for a long time.

Now I know that it’s not what happens to us that’s important but what we decide to do next. And, this is the choice we make day to day. We either stay down and stuck in that hole, or we take action, get up and keep going. And, if we can’t get out or up by ourselves, we might need to accept the right help and with their support be able to move forward again.

Often, accepting that we might be struggling and need help is hard, but opening-up about it can be even harder. So, here goes. Hello, my name is Laura and I have suffered with depression.

Most of my friends and family have never been aware of my depression because I have been able to hide it. The first time I remember being really depressed was when I was about 15 when my life’s traumas finally caught up with me. There were days I couldn’t get out of bed and I didn’t go to school and even when I was in school, I didn’t often speak much. When I went home, I was often withdrawn. I was wearing dark clothes and had my hood up, almost to hide away. I struggled to study and just wanted to be somewhere else.

All in all, I have been living with depression for 17 years. I can be fine for a long time and then ‘crash’ back to that deep hole where it can take me a while to get out again. In my adult life, I have missed work, university, disconnected with family, partners and friends. At times, I have thought I am better off not being here anymore because what’s the point anyway? I can’t cope, it’s just too hard!

For most part of this period I didn’t know that I was struggling with depression and I certainly didn’t know where to get help or how to help myself, so I continued to suffer. Sometimes more, sometimes less, while thinking, ‘Is it ever going to end?’

Things only really began to change and make sense after I did my hypnotherapy training, where I learnt why my brain works the way it does, how to prevent depression and how to manage it should ‘life happen’.

Now, whilst I still have challenges in my life, like we all do, I may fall and take my time in figuring out what’s the best action forward but I no longer fall into the hole I used to and it certainly doesn’t take me that long to get out again.

Hypnotherapy for depression has helped me equip myself with a range of tools to be able to understand and deal with my past trauma. Not only that, it has given me resources which have helped, not only me but many of my clients, to cope and manage better if faced with challenges.

Do you suffer with depression and feel overwhelmed? Do you struggle to do even the smallest of things? Have you lost interest in things you used to enjoy? I can help because I have been there.

In my ‘Hypnotherapy for depression’ sessions (in Poole, Christchurch and London) I can support you. I can give you the tools necessary to get out of the ‘hole’, regroup and move forward. And what’s even more important, I can teach you the tools necessary to manage and take action in the future when you are faced with any other of life’s obstacles.

Take a look at my therapy rooms below:

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