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Perfectionist vs Authentic

Confession: I used to strive for ‘perfection’ ‘My name is Laura and I’m a Perfectionist’ haha. The truth is that ‘perfectionism’ is just one of those things you ought to throw out of the window, in exchange for success. Any success. Trust me, it will hold you back.

I often have a lot of clients who get to the stage of wanting to do FB live or speak in public or start their own business and ‘fear/anxiety’ and ‘perfectionism’ kicks in and this holds them back like crazy! Let yourself off the hook! You will NEVER be perfect and that’s ok! We are all fellow strugglers and working progress. In fact, it’s that ‘imperfection’ that makes you all the more likeable. It doesn’t matter what's the colour of your skin, your accent, whether you’re an introvert, or what kind of past you’ve had What matters is your AUTHENTIC you, your DRIVE and the ACTION you take now and going forward! The “perfectionist’ in me used hold me back. Big time! I did't step out of the door without my make-up and hair done, I had to take hundreds of photos before I could post ONE and even then I hid behind any photos and didn't really do much to make myself visible to my clients. All from the fear of judgement (and few other fears) I want to leave you with this... ditch anything that’s holding you back. New Year! New You! I’m ditching ‘perfectionism’. What do you want to ditch?

Sometimes we can get there on our own, but sometimes we need some extra help.

I offer FREE no obligation clarity calls to everyone so we can begin to identify the potential blocks that have been holding you back from living a happy and fulfilled life you deserve. You will leave from the call with renewed clarity and understanding to go forward with your life or with a plan how we can work together towards transforming your life.

For more information, why not contact me

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