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What’s the best investment you could make in 2020❓

And the winner is....Self-development 🙌 I love reading and learning 🤓 Who would have known! I hated school. Why? Because I was so crap. I mean! C.R.A.P! I didn’t get most subjects. The academic subjects anyway. I hated reading and I had to cheat a lot to get through this 12 years of torture 🤦‍♀️I was know as the stupid kid in school. No lie! How did I then manage to become a lawyer and then go on to retrain as a therapist and coach and now give you names of the best books I’ve read this year? 🤔 That’s a story for another day 😉But seriously! Books are great! I’m like a library 🤣 and this year I’ve read some amazing books which I want to share with you I think these are must read by everyone who is into self-development and who wants to take their life and success to the next level💥 1️⃣The Prosperous Coach 2️⃣Oversubscribed 3️⃣You are Badass at Making Money 4️⃣You are Badass 5️⃣Feel the Fear and do it anyway These books are small investments that will deliver tremendous benefits 💖 enjoy Here’s to your magical and successful 2020 💥 Photo credit I


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