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'I didn't realise how much I was holding myself back'


I already had a successful business but I got to a point where I felt I didn't move forward. I knew that if I stay at this place, my business will suffer, but I just didn't understand why I was procrastinating and didn't grow my business and myself. I worked with Laura over several months and she made me realise that my business starts from me, my mindset and beliefs. I had never thought about this before. Once I realised how my thoughts affect my actions, we worked through my mental performance blocs. That made a huge difference to the way I was perceiving my life and business. Laura then helped me to put together my vision, mission and 'One Page Plan' to keep me focussed on what I need to do to get me excited and motivated to reach my ambitions. Working holistically really helped me to get on top of my business again. 


Ben, Entrepreneur

'I finally started my own business'


I met Laura when she was still working as a very ambitious Paralegal. I have worked in a legal field for years but always wanted to have my own business. When I found out that Laura had changed her job from a solicitor to business mentor and coach, I contacted her for few sessions. I was somewhat sceptical but even after the first session, I saw the great value she can bring to my life. Since then, I have worked with her to get over my self-doubts and fears about opening my own business. I am so glad I did, because finally I am starting my own business. I will continue working with Laura, so that I can get help with my future plan, marketing, and business growth. 


Robert, Solicitor

'After all this time, I have clarity as to where I'm going'


I have been in business for quite a few years but I never managed to really make it work. I was considering quitting and getting an office based job when I met Laura. After she explained how she works with her clients, I was motivated and inspired to give my business one last chance. I decided to start from scratch and get back to basics. With Laura, we created a clear plan for my business, got clear on my target market, learned  what makes marketing work and worked on my mindset. Finally I have the clarity and resources I need to make my business successful. 

Jo, Director of Start-up Business

'I made over 50K in just 6 weeks'


I quit my full time job to build my business in 2018 and it took off with some success, but I knew that I need to do much more to reach my goals in my business. I met Laura and we just clicked as we had quite a few same views and values. I knew her background in mindset work, so I was initially drawn to this and worked on my values, beliefs and mindset. I thought that this was all I needed to unlock but I was surprised to learn about the coaching and mentoring methology that Laura applies. I worked with her on my business foundation, plan and vision. I got very clear on who I want to work with and the real value I bring to my clients. I launched my online program and in just 6 short weeks made over 50K. This is as much I used to make in a year. I am so happy. I continue working with Laura as her coaching is so valuable. 

Michelle, Entrepreneur 

'Thanks Laura for all your help!'


'Shortly after being promoted at work, I developed self doubt and sought help from Laura. I needn’t have worried. Laura has a highly professional approach to her work and put me at ease.


I’m now very settled at work as one of the top performers in my team! Thanks Laura for all your help!'

Steve, Director

'Laura is approachable and puts you at ease'


'Laura is really effective with the sessions really benefiting me. Laura is skilled coach, is approachable and puts you at ease.


Neil, Manager

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