Stop Smoking

Quit smoking for good.


Smoking is not your fault, it is an addiction. You may thing that you don’t have any will power and that you are weak. Actually, ‘Will Power’ has little to do with it.


Nicotine is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a secret killer which takes over the brain and hijacks the pleasure/reward system so effectively that we are tricked into believing that the ‘benefits’ of smoking cigarettes are more important than the proven serious health risks that smoking brings.


Many people try several times to quit smoking before they succeed. And if you have already tried and failed, the good news is you are more likely to succeed this time... but you might need a new approach and some help to quit for good.


I will work with you to:


  • find and address the real reasons you smoke

  • support you and increase your motivation to quit smoking for good

  • help you find better ways to meet your needs

  • ease the withdrawal symptoms

  • teach you self-help techniques to control cravings, change habits and strengthen your resolve

  • help you to make it easier to quit smoking by changing old outdated beliefs and priming your unconscious mind to take you towards a healthier future

  • provide you with personalised recording to strengthen the new changes


Laura Lohk Dip CHyp, NLP MPrac

Transformational Therapy, Mindset Coaching (Face to Face and Online)

Face to Face appointments can be booked at 

Natural Body Cafe

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