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Trauma is a powerful emotional response to a distressing event, such as, but not limited to, an accident, the unexpected loss of a loved one, or abuse. People could also become traumatised through medical treatment, for example a procedure performed by a dentist, or undergoing an operation. Trauma can continue to cause both emotional and physical symptoms for many years after the event has concluded. It can cause people to suffer with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) together with symptoms such as anxiety and depression. The bad news about PTSD is it does not go away over time if left to itself, and instead may get worse. The good news is it can be treated. 


Symptoms of Trauma

Everyone’s experience with trauma is unique. Some people will develop every symptom on this list, while others develop very few. The following list is not comprehensive, and should not be used to form a diagnosis, but it does give you some idea of the range of symptoms that people commonly refer to: 

  • Avoidance of trauma reminders, including memories 

  • Flashbacks to the traumatic event (images, thoughts, dreams)

  • Exaggerated startle response 

  • Sleep problems 

  • Irritability, anger, and other negative emotions ie shame, guilt

  • Self-blame regarding the traumatic event 

  • A sense of detachment/dissociation

  • Difficulty in concentrating

  • Depression

  • Anxiety


My trauma journey

I have suffered trauma in the past by way of different events over a period of time. I didn’t realise for long time that my past could still affect me in various situations in my adult life until I did my hypnotherapy training. I now recognise this in many of my clients through my NHS and private work. My clients experience various difficulties which, left untreated, would continue to generate negative symptoms. The good news is that Hypnotherapy for trauma, and it’s many symptoms, can be very effective. 



How I can support you throughout your journey?

It is important to understand that trauma, especially PTSD can be complex and needs to be dealt with extra care, which means that the treatment cannot be rushed. But neither does it have to take years. I work at the fastest pace that will make your improvement permanent. 


I will be adapting and pacing my sessions around you and your trauma symptoms by initially helping you to stabilise yourself and teach you the resources which you can benefit from straight away. These resources will assist you to regain more control and confidence to develop self-efficacy and build resilience and tolerance to distress in the face of traumatic memories resurfacing. 


When you are ready to move on, we will be processing your traumatic memories step by step by using various successful techniques which enable you to begin letting go your trauma triggers and symptoms.  

Finally, I will be helping you to move forward and begin to build your desired future.

I will be working with you for a period of time and will help you throughout your journey. This means that I will provide you support in and out of our sessions, whether by phone, additional face to face sessions or by email. You won’t be alone in this. 


Hypnotherapy for trauma release:  


As a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner, I have the skillset to deal with trauma by using the following effective techniques:


  • EMI-treatment for traumatic memories.

  • EMDR- (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) is a psychotherapy treatment that was originally designed to alleviate the distress associated with traumatic memories. This technique is particularly effective for PTSD, and another trauma symptoms.

  • AMDR– (Applied Movement Detestation and Reconsolidation) based on EMDR for Trauma Healing and Release. Works well for PTSD and other trauma symptoms. 

  • Various NLPtechniques, such as Time Line Reconsolidation Therapy and Rewind 

  • EFT -(Emotional Freedom Technique) which physically interrupts thought patterns.

  • Gestalt therapy –  amethod to aid the resolution of past conflicts


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